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Unassisted HBAC

On June 5, 2005, My husband and I were surprised and excited to find out that baby #3 was on it's way. I think the first thing I said to him was this time I was getting my homebirth. My two previous births had been a c-section and a hospital VBAC. I had always wanted a homebirth and nothing or anybody was going to get in the way of that. He agreed and we began the search for a homebirth midwife. The first Midwife I called sounded perfect for us. We set up a meeting and instantly fell in love. She agreed to be our Midwife.

I started researching more on homebirths and somehow came across sites on Unassisted Homebirths. I was fascinated by the stories I read and pictures I saw. I asked my husband if we could have an Unassisted Homebirth. He shot me down right away. I  ask him again throughout my pregnancy almost daily and he would just reply with "absolutely not, it's either a homebirth with a Midwife or a hospital birth." And so we continued to see the Midwife. Though I liked my Midwife, I wanted an unassisted birth so badly that I think I tried to not like her.
My due date came and went. I knew that my Midwife had planned a vacation for the week after I was suppose to deliver. She had just recently missed the birth of another client's baby, it was only her second missed birth in 20 something years. She decided after one of my appointments to go over the what if's incase she missed my birth. After this appointment I secretly had the brilliant idea to wait until last minute to call her. I knew that since she had explained everything my husband would know what to do, and since my last birth had been just a few short hours and I had a feeling this one would be the same. It would work out perfectly and I could just have the Midwife come afterwards and clean up.
    It was 6 days after my due date and my midwife was scheduled to leave the next morning. I was going to have to deliver with her back-up Midwife who I had only met twice before. I had been up most of the night tossing and turning having lots of braxton hicks and cramping. I woke up at about 7:20 am.  I wanted to call the backup midwife and let her know about my night because I was sure I'd be in labor soon. I called her at 7:35 and let her know. As soon as I hung up I felt a real contraction. I told DH I was in early labor. Next contraction was 5 minutes later. I waited 3 contractions and called the MW. She told me she was going to grab something to eat and get dressed and then she'd be here. I said that was fine because they were still 5 minutes apart. I hung up the phone and noticed they were 2 minutes apart. My mom came and her and the boys went to breakfast. My friend Danielle arrived at the same time.
  I was online emailing my loops in between contractions and on all 4's when they came. All of a sudden they were right on top of each other and I went into the shower. I don't know how long I stayed in there, but it wasn't very long. I got out and felt like I needed to go to the bathroom (I knew I was ready to push.) I sat on the toilet for a contraction got up and went and laid on my bedroom floor. Nick and Danielle had cold cloths all over me and were massaging my belly. I kept telling them I needed to push. I was too scared to push because I didn't know how dilated I was and didn't want to tear. After a contraction I jumped up grabbed my cell and called the MW to see how far away she was. This was at 9:34 am, I told her that I was going to need to push really soon. She tells me okay I am leaving now (she lives over an hour away). So I go back on the floor and Danielle and Nick continued with the cloths and massaging. At every contraction I ran to the bathroom to sit on the toilet. And then would go back to the floor. The MW called and told us she was lost. Danielle and Nick are horrible with directions, so they didn't know where she was. I knew exactly where she was, but at that point I didn't even want her there so I stayed quiet. I knew at that moment that I was going to get my unassisted homebirth.  She told them she was going to stop for directions and hung up. I was still sitting on the toilet and reached down because I was sure I felt the head. I stood up put one foot on the toilet and told Nick I was pushing. Danielle called the Midwife back and told her. I laid on the floor and Danielle told the Midwife I was pushing. She told them they'd have to deliver the baby. We already knew that, so Danielle hung up on her and grabbed the camera. Nick said he was going to get gloves and started to leave the room. I yelled at him "what the f#$@ do you need gloves to deliver your baby for?"  I asked him to massage in a circular motion around the baby's head, so I didn't tear. He stretched instead and that hurt. So I told him not to f$%^-ing touch me.  Anyway, the head came out and he suctioned and out popped the rest of her. I don't remember pushing except the time with my foot up on the toilet. About 5 minutes later the placenta slid out on it's own. I called the Midwife back and told her the baby and placenta were out. She was still lost. I then called my mother and told her to call the Midwife and go find her. Turns out that she was right in front of my dad's work, so my mother called my father and he met her. She followed him here. She got here about half hour after everything was said and done. My Mom and the boys came in right after. And then the Midwife's assistant and apprentice showed up.  They weighed and measured the baby, she was 7lbs 8oz and 20 inches. They checked me to see if I needed stitches. I didn't tear at all. And then they went and sat at my dining room table while the apprentice cleaned up the bathroom. The left shortly after.
In the end I got the Unassisted Birth I had so badly wanted and a beautiful new baby girl. My husband tells anyone who will listen to him the story of how he delivered our baby girl and can't wait to deliver our next child.  Life couldn't be better! 

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